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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.

Dangerous Flirtation

Dangerous Flirtation - Liz Fielding Rating 3.5 stars
This book was a 4 star read for most of it until the unfortunate last half where the heroine acts so stupid. She is engaged to a safe man, a man unlike her father who left them to follow his dream of music when she meets the hero. He seems like a drifter to her and dangerous, yet she can't resist him. It was obvious that the hero was falling for her and she falls for him but when she learns he is wealthy she acts stupidly, first she attacks him, doesn't tell him she is no longer engaged, which kind of prolongs the book.