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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.

Resolved to (Re)Marry

Resolved To (Re) Marry - Carole Buck Rating 3.5 stars
This is a second chance at love story and works pretty decently. The book starts when these two get married drunk and crazy in love and not caring that the heroine is the only female in a big Italian family and that the hero is the only heir to a rich family. These two don't care that they come from different social class or that the hero's friends and family don't seem that sure of the heroine, their courtship was whirlwind and unexpected for them both, the hero was not the the heroine's type and neither was the heroine the hero's and at first the hero wonders about himself, if she is a rebellion against his family and knows it is not. Within two months of their meeting the heroine surrenders her virginity to him and soon they are hitched, a year later they are divorced.

Their problems: The H wasn't sure he deserved her, the h felt inferior because of his wealth and what his family expected of him & in her hearts of hearts blamed him for her feeling that way. The breaking point was that 10 days before their first anniversary the H arranged for her to walk in on him kissing his ex .

The result they got divorced & the H first tried to blame her for not standing up & fighting for them instead running to her family but he had to face it later that he was to blame. The H was jealous of her giving nature & he wants her back, so when he is given an offer for a new job and meets his ex maid of honor he tracks the heroine down.

h has moved away from her family and made a life for herself, working in a travel agency, she regrets running to her family years ago and has fought for her independence, what I did like that she had moved on, had relationships in the past decade.

Both the h/H get stuck with real dumb and stupid robbers in her office, which kind of opens lines of communication and gives them time, time the hero knows she wouldn't have given him.

What I liked the hero knows and acknowledges to himself and her that he made a big mistake so many years ago and he also let her set the time to talk about the final moment that finished it all. She tells him that when they got married she felt her identity being stifled because she was trying so hard to fit in & when she tried to talk to him he brushed her off, she was aware he had married down. She felt he didn't need her so she went & helped others and because of growing up in a family that didn't talk, he couldn't tell her how much he needed her. She had suggested counselling but his pride wouldn't let him so they crashed & burned. H didn't want to think that the problem lay at his door so he blamed her for a long time but knew in his heart he had done wrong. His setup was impulsive meant to make her pay attention and not drive her away & when she went to her brothers he felt betrayed, he was 24 & young and when he did wise up & try to talk to her, her big family wouldn't let him, so he let that be proof that he was right. She too had been young and seeing him with a woman from his class made her feel that what she had been doing was not enough so instead of fighting she left and let herself be drawn into her family's bosom.

The book showed that they had been too young & immature before to know what love and compromise is and how to make a marriage work but time had matured them. I kind of liked it that they met again on what would have been their 11th anniversary. One thing that irritated me whenever they were about to make a breakthrough & have an honest conversation, the dumb robbers interrupted them, though it was hilarious how inept criminals they were.

The book was a pretty light read with a funny vein running through.