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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.

From This Day Forward

From This Day Forward - Modean Moon This wasn't an easy book to read, at times it was painful and the book showed that sometimes love is not enough. When the book starts the heroine is already divorced (got married at 24, 30 now) and slowly we see through chapters, how she fell in love and married the hero, their troubles and the divorce and the love that never died, in the middle of it was Todd, the hero's son, the cause of it all.

When they got married Todd was resentful of her, Ginny tried to make him like her, but he didn't but she continued because she loved her husband and wanted to make him proud. The hero was a busy man and somehow the heroine never felt she was enough, she wasn't pretty or accomplished enough to deserve the hero and her unhappiness grew because of Todd, he continued to come between them, never giving them a moment alone and the hero felt guilty, the two people he loved the most didn't get along and he didn't know what to do, he took all the unhappiness on him and that somehow caused an environment of resentment and Ginny started doubting their love.

She almost leaves him at one point and asks for a divorce, because she loves him so much but he convinces her to stay and they move and are happy for some time but Todd worsens until the final day when a 16 year old Todd attacks her, high as kite. Neil the hero doesn't know what to do and is forced to separate them, the heroine goes to live alone and he visits her, until the day he sends her divorce papers, breaking her heart. She stays in town, trying to make a life for herself, teaching, church and is content in some ways, or so she tells herself.

She knows that Todd has been committed the past two years ever since he tried to kill his own father. He had issues in part because of his mother and who killed herself in front of him but Ginny didn't know that and as we learn she didn't know many things because she never asked and Neil didn't tell her and when Todd escapes and gives her a call Neil comes rushing back to protect her.

The book was emotional and at times so painful to read. Ginny didn't hate Todd she was just conflicted and didn't want him harmed. She loved Neil and he loved her but their pain and guilt was too much and the problem was that they never really talked and instead had to deal with thinking that they failed each other. Neil let her go because he loved her and he had to try to reach his son, who he had failed when he didn't fight harder for visitation when he got divorced from his first wife. He also knew she was unhappy and thought that they will find their way to each other again. Ginny kind of blamed Neil and herself, she felt she was a failure as a mother and so much more. These two were so tangled up emotionally that I wasn't sure that they would ever find their way back to each other, first there was the pain, Todd was mentally ill and had been for a long time and these two wondered if they could have done something and another they both kept things to themselves, the hero trying to be God and fix things and the heroine expecting him to. Their marriage had never been happy(married for 4 years) though not because of the absence of love. She never told him that much about Todd because she wanted to make their marriage work and when she did tell a little, he thought she was over thinking it because he wanted to make everyone happy. The hero never had been able to say what he wanted to her, to tell her how much he loved her and things just kept getting out of hand, he had too much to deal with and accept that his son was sick.

Their journey was emotional as hell and kind of wrecked me. I wish we had gotten a epilogue for them. Even though it is not mentioned it is my belief these two were faithful even through their divorce because no-one who loved each other so much after the unhappiness and ugliness could ever find or be with someone else, but I wish the author had mentioned it outright, the heroine does wonder about it though.