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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.

Bringing Down Sam

Bringing Down Sam - Leslie Kelly Rating 3.5 stars

I like Leslie Kelly as a writer and have read a lot of her Temptations and her darker suspense books under the name Leslie Parrish.

Bringing Down Sam is a contemporary offering from the author and a very good read. It starts of as four friends meeting for drinks and getting angry on behalf of woman-kind for a book authored by the hero Sam called 101 Ways to Avoid Commitment, somehow our former child model and current high school teacher heroine Eve finds herself the bait in a scheme to bring down Sam. The plan give him what he seems to want, a bimbo and then break his heart. Against her better judgement Eve finds herself agreeing to the plan since she can't say no to her friends, she found them after she was lost, after her father went to jail for cheating people out of thousands on her behalf. She draws the line at physical contact though.

The plan starts off with Eve in a provocative shoot at the magazine her friend Diana and the hero Sam works but things don't go as planned since Sam does seem attracted to her at first but the moment she puts on her airy act withdraws.

Sam isn't a bad guy, he just wrote a book that worked, it wasn't meant to harm just intended as a joke and the people close to him get that but he has two camps among women now, one with women who want to use a pitchfork on him the other who want to reform him and what he wants is the right woman, who isn't a airy head.

He likes Eve's assets but finds himself disappointed when he thinks she is an air-head but then are contradictions to her behaviour which he notices and he catches on to her act at a party he escorts her too.

Sam also has a thing against deception this is something we are made aware of and so is Eve at the party when they run into Sam's dad. Sam used to work for his father but five years ago his world crashed, on his 26th birthday he and his family learnt he had a half-brother, 2 days younger than him, a product of his father's affair in the early days of his marriage, this caused Sam to walk away and his mother to divorce his father.

By that time Eve has come to see that Sam isn't a bad guy and that revenge was a bad idea. I did like how this wasn't treated as some big drama point, she does tell Sam the truth and it is handled fairly well and they become a couple. Amongst all this is Sam's father who is depicted as a man desperate to make amends and reach out to his son.

This book made for a short, sweet and sexy read and introduced a great bunch of friends and an interesting half-brother I won't mind reading about.