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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.

Skin Deep (I-Team, #5.5)

Skin Deep (I-Team, #5.5) - Pamela Clare We met Megan in the 3rd book of the I-Team series and she had a horrendous past filled with abuse and what not and when we see her again she has turned her life around and is trying to be a good mother to her daughter, when trouble from her past comes calling and the I-Team guys with her brother Marc in the lead take charge.

She is saved by Nate, an ex-marine with scars of his own, both physical and emotional. Nate withdrew to his dad's ranch after an IED explosion ended his career and he saw his fiancee walk away from him rather than stick it out. I liked reading about a hero who had his vulnerabilities and didn't become a man slut or think all women sucked. I mean how hot is a hero who has been celibate for four years?? He's so great that even when he reads all about Megan and Marc's past he is awesome with her.

Megan is wary of men and given her past who can blame her, she can't handle physical contact, she is also in some ways ashamed of her past, the abuse that led her down the road of addiction and forgetting that she killed a man, something for which her brother took the fall. She was such a tortured heroine and such a good mother having not had one in her life.

I especially loved how comfortable Megan was with Nate and open about the fact that she hated the idea of sex and how she gradually got comfortable with him on a physical level.

All in all I am so happy Megan got a story because with her past she deserved an HEA and Nate was the perfect guy for her.