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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.

From Rags

From Rags - Suzanne  Wright Rating 3.5
Well I have to be honest I wouldn't have given this book a try if it wasn't for a friend's recommendation and I liked the book, it was in one word pretty crude and sexually charged, featured a heroine who was in one word outspoken and a hero/heroine who had a tendency to air their sexual laundry everywhere and acted kind of like brats publicly making a spectacle of themselves and the cave-man behaviour. So, I have now listed what all stuff you will find in the book and these may make you cringe.

There were moments I found their discussing their sex lives in front of all uncomfortable but beyond that I liked the book. The heroine hasn't had an easy life, an addict mother who OD'ed she went into foster care where she was abandoned at 14 when her sister left and so did Connor, a guy she loved and who protected her. We see her again 8 years later when she is discovered and becomes a model as well as acquiring three men who act like her father.

The heroine was an early bloomer and a stunner which has gotten her unwanted attention all her life. She is emotionally closed off and when Connor contacts her again after so many years she doesn't respond. She hates him for his desertion and thinks he was shagging her sister.

The hero is an F1 driver who cared for her but didn't want to go back to her since she was so young and he would not have kept his hands off her. He is famous and known for his casual relationships and wants back into her life once he has seen her again.

So, we have two people who don't want to get emotionally involved. The hero is super jealous and hates it even if a guy looks at her, and he makes them sexually exclusive. At the start they are all about protecting themselves and sex which actually annoyed me but when Jaxxon took off without telling him Connor followed admitting it was because he missed her paving way for emotion and sex.

We have a sub-plot with his ex who refuses to let go and a stalker for Jaxxon. These two people are wary about opening up, after he left Jaxxon's life became miserable, a gang of guys tried to rape her and when she was moved she allowed herself to be abused by a guy to protect a five year old girl from that fate. Connor doesn't want commitment because of his father(he killed his sister and his mother abandoned him because he looked like his father) and I liked how strong Jax was breaking it off with him after telling him she loved him. She didn't push or whine or ask why couldn't he give them a try, she just left. So, a hurray for a strong heroine who refuses to take crap from anyone or be intimidated.

Ooh and I love a pining hero, he was miserable when she left refusing to let go off her dog and TALKING to him. When he calls her he finds out her number has changed. And his proposal was kind of funny and I loved how we see her sister come back into her life and the epilogue.

Despite problems the book was reasonable enjoyable.