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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Hot Commodity - Linda Kage This book is actually set before Delinquent Daddy but came out later. Cam is filthy rich and Boston's cousin and still not over his wife's suicide ten years ago. He was 19 when he married her and knew she was a maniac depressive so he did everything he could to make her happy but it took it toll, she tried to kill herself two time before succeeding the third time and died in front of him. Her death messed up his mind and since then has been in a cloud, falling of the drinking wagon often and not seeing why his family is so worried about him.

The heroine Olivia has a mother who can call be called the worst names in the world, she tries to pimp out her daughter to the hero and in rebellion she goes to a bar and marries a stranger who in a weird quirk of fate turns out to be Cam. When they wake up in the morning both are horrified and want to get the marriage dissolved and part ways.

I did not enjoy this book much mainly because I did not get Olivia sometimes, she had crappy parents, her mom found no fault with abusing her and hitting her and Olivia put up with it because she had nowhere to go, I mean wasn't she an adult who could try working for a living instead of living with a monster who goaded her father to pull the trigger in front of Olivia and her. I found her behaviour with her mother spineless, she should have walked out on her a long time ago, it took Cam to take her away from her, then also she was dependent on him. I did like how she tried to make a life for herself, finding a job, learning to cook.

Now, Cam, I knew he was messed up but his mess went on for too long. His wife had issues and they were there before he met her too and his cousin warned him to stay away from her but he thought he could be the cure instead being with her crippled him. I really hated what he put his family through, using alcohol as a cripple and it took nearly killing himself for him to face that he had problems he had to seek help for and that he was turning into his first wife.

The book had it's moment when I liked it but I disliked how Cam took so long to screw his head on straight.