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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Don't Ask Me Now - Emma Darcy 3.5 stars

Another ED with a love triangle. The heroine has spent the last four years making a success of herself, fitting in with the wealthy folks and her business partner Tom has helped her. He has been there for her, supporting her and theie relationship is changing, he wants more but it is she and her fears keeping them at bay. Cathy is still not over what happened five years ago when she was found wanting and she was left an emotional cripple. To be honest Cathy was a selfish and sometimes hateful character but you couldn't completely hate her because she had been reeled in when she was young and vulnerable and her age hadn't made her see the truth. So, when her former lover comes back on the scene, she needs to know if she still loves him and at first she is that foolish seventeen year old again who left her family and religion for him but when he sees Tom withdrawing from her, she starts opening her eyes and sees how she in her youth allowed herself to be demeaned by Anthony and how everything between them was all about sex and domination. Did Cathy deserve someone like Tom, I am not sure but he deserved better. Hell, he caught Anthony and Cathy making out and she relied on him for four years and kind of used him as an emotional stick but overall a different book. High melodrama.