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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
True - Blue Texas Twosome (Aloma, Texas #1) - Kim McKade I'll be honest the heroine of this book irritated me, she had this great guy who loved her and would do anything for her, she was pushing him away just as she had ten years ago. Toby had been in love with Corinne forever ever since they were kids and so had she but she always pushed him away and then she left after graduation. Toby couldn't leave because well he had promised his father, the hero and Sheriff and he felt he had to follow in his steps.

It was hard for her, but she had to leave without looking back because ever since she was little she had an idea if she became a reporter she would win her mother's love and make up for destroying her life, so she did everything right, married another guy(a producer, even though Toby called her before the wedding, telling her not to) and then it all went to hell a year ago. She was shot covering he trial of a friend who turned out to be guilty and in the hospital she found out her husband cared more about the right camera angles than her, so she became depressed, anxiety attacks and decided no more hopes and dreams for her and has come to her home-town temporarily to teach and recover, she has no intention of making any connections.

Both of them, the hero and heroine were kind of trying to live up to their parents expectations and it takes the heroine a long while to see that her mom is bitter about life and that Corinne isn't to blame for it, it was her mom who got pregnant and spent her life blaming Corinne and that no matter what she did she couldn't please a woman who didn't love herself. The thing is Toby is still everything he was before, charming, wanting to save the world and not letting her live in her walls, he pushes and pushes and makes her tell him about her anxiety attacks, what happened to her career, her ex and makes her see that she isn't as disconnected as she pretends to be and instead has started to care about her students and more.

Toby was the best hero ever, he had loved her forever but she had trampled his heart and he hadn't pined for her which I liked, he had had relationships but she always remained special. Even when she was shot he came to see her. I felt that the hero loved her more than she did and in the end she wonders and always has why does he love her when her mother doesn't and she has always believed that she doesn't deserve him. This time Toby tells himself he won't count on her to stay and instead will have a no strings thing with her but it is obvious he still loves her. Along with her even he had to accept some things, accept that his father was human and that he had to do his thing and not live up to some legacy and that he couldn't fix everything.

My ratings for this book are all for Toby, an amazing hero, I did wish that he had plain ditched the heroine at the start instead of trying to bring her out of her shell and talk to her, hell this woman always hurt you but in the end I did come to like Corinne a little.