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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
A Marriage Worth Fighting For - Lilian Darcy The characters in this book irritated me, made me angry but at the end of the book I was invested in them because they had done so many things wrong that I didn't know how the author would ever fix them. MJ is a surgeon who loves his work and his life, he has two kids even though because of his work he doesn't get to see him much, a perfect wife who looks good, maintains herself, runs the house, charities, everything is perfect and then he comes home to a letter that his wife of seven years has left him, she can't do it anymore.

In flashbacks we see their first meeting, Alicia, 23 and struggling with debts and wanting to be a model. She was a waitress who met MJ and reeled him in and married him for money and then to live up to it tried to be the perfect trophy wife but she is tired and so angry. She is tired of their half ass lovemaking, of spending time outside than with her kids, of doing everything so that it looks good. When she leaves him she knows MJ would follow, his pride would make him but she is not sure she wants to continue the marriage, it is too tiring and exhausting.

Their marriage had been in trouble from the start because it started on the wrong note, MJ suspected she married him for money but never had the guts to ask her and thought providing her with everything would make things grow between them but it didn't and he never suspected that she faked a lot of things and didn't tell him because they had a bargain. I hated that he called what they had a contract and it sucker punched him when Alicia lets loose and tells him that she felt she was his employee and had to please him or when she told him she faked orgasms with him. They never communicated too busy with their lives and the hero had an ego and he was clueless and never knew things were so wrong because she never told him, she never told him about her past, her mother, nothing and he didn't ask. He didn't even knew she cooked and the fault of their marriage lay with both of them. At one point Alicia realizes she loves him and that is why there is so much anger in her. I disliked Alicia at times but I also pitied her because she remained such an outsider in MJ's family and the fault lay at her door and her fake mask.

MJ thought giving her things would make her love him at one point says of course he loved her, he showed it in a thousand ways by giving her things. For most of the book I wasn't sure they would make it, Alicia had a habit of putting on her mask, bottling things in. I did like that they get to know each other slowly even if it is with foolish game like three things but with their hectic lives especially the hero's I am not sure how well they would balance things.

They did get a chance to be a family with kids when she left but how long would that last? At the end of the book I did feel these two brought out long festering issues in the open and may make it, MJ promised to carve time out for them and these two stopped burying issues and the epilogue does show them happy, more secure because now things were out in the open, no secrets. I am rating this book higher because of the different path it took, with the stories and its characters, I truly applaud the author for that because I have never read a book like this.