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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter MAJOR SPOILERS, BE WARNED

Strider the keeper of Defeat has come across as kind of a dick, which he can’t help because of his demon he has to come on top always even if that means fighting with his friends. He has lusted after the Harpy Kaia but has been unkind to her, because he knows she has been with Paris and he doesn’t want to compete plus her Harpy nature will cause everything to be a challenge.

He sums up his feelings in these words

“Of course, the thought caused guilt to eat at him. Kaia was not Strider’s one and only, if such a thing even existed for him. She was too competitive, too strong and too wily to cause him anything but misery. And yes, he got the irony. He was that same way with everyone. But he was attracted to her, and as possessive as he was and had always been, he didn’t like the thought of her sleeping with anyone else.

Especially since he had to be the best at everything he did. Because of his demon, he had to win, even in bed. And as Paris had more experience than anyone he knew, there was no way Strider could compete in that arena”.

Kaia knows that he is her consort but she is tried of running after him and she may present a confident exterior but she is filled with self doubts because her mother is the famous Tabitha the Vicious and in her quest to make her proud, at the age of 14 she let loose the consort of the Harpy, Juliette, leading to hindered of people dying and causing shame to her clan and the name Kaia the Disappointment. She knows Paris was a mistake and the reason she went for him the qualities she’d always found most attractive: brooding, dangerous and temporary. That’s why Paris had snagged her attention.. It was only later that she noticed Strider who doesn’t seem to want her.

Well, they are invited to the Harpy Games and Kaia has something to prove. Her mom has disavowed them, so they make their own team and the consorts of Bianka and Gwen follow and so does Strider and the prize turns out to be the fourth artefact the Pairing Rod.

Strider wants to steal it and plans to, even if Kaia tells him it would bring shame and possible death to her but well plans change and from wanting to just help her, to wanting to sleep with her, he goes on to accept her and even marry her and I enjoyed the whole journey.
It is filled with injuries since Juliette wants her to lose, Hunters attacking them, Galen and Rhea missing leading to Strider giving mercy to Juliette’s enslaved consort Lazarus and killing him and getting the artefact.

Even the issue of Strider desiring Haidee is dealt with, in his words
He realized he had never truly desired Haidee as a forever after. Desired her, yes, but he’d never felt so strongly about her, or anyone really, that he couldn’t pick up and walk away. Without regret. Without remorse. Well, Kaia was a maddening, life-and-death exception. For the time being. He needed her. He wanted her, and when the time was right, he would have her. End of story.

And the issue of Paris having been with her wasn’t much of an issue afterwards
“Allow me to iron this out completely. Am I jealous? Yes. Are you going to do it again? Hell, no. Not if you like him breathing. Am I worried about our first time because of him? Yes. What if I’m not as good? But do I cast stones about what happened? No. You’re talking to a borderline man-whore, Kaia. Like I really have room to judge.”

William meanwhile goes to torture Gilly’s family and we learn more about him. Hades is the father of Lucifer & William, William hated hell so purged some of his darkness to create horsemans, William had control purgatory & souls, Lucifer demons, William cursed Lucifer.

Poor Kane is summoned by the Fates and told he started the Apocalypse which William tells him will happen if he sleeps with the female Horseman, thereby falling in love with her and by the end of the book he is being led into hell by some hunters. I didn’t get how Hunters can do that and can the doctor Skye, be Sienna’s sister.
Paris is journeying through heaven to find Siena meanwhile, screwing everybody and suffering from ambrosia withdrawal. Paris from a happy go lucky guy has turned into a tortured killing machine and I am looking forward to his book.

All in all an enjoyable book.