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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD
Wow, I really liked this book, the romance, the revelations, worked.

Amun, man is a great hero, his demon is Secrets so because of his love he has kept silent because when he opens his mouth secrets come out, those which can hurt and despite the pain it causes him because of his friends and their war he has absorbed minds, causing him more turmoil.

In the last book he went with Aeron and William to hell and came back changed because he had absorbed thousands of demon minions who had overtaken him, causing him to be chained, angels threatening to kill him.

Haidee, is a Hunter who Strider(Defeat) captured in the last book and she is the same bait that caused their friend Baden to be killed, so he captures her and brings her to the fortress. He knows she is more than Human because he can feel ice from her and he killed her thousands of years ago, yet she lives. She is their enemy and someone who got their friend killed so he has no tender feelings for her, yet that doesn’t stop him from lusting after her.

Haidee hears something in her room next door and somehow makes her way to it and Amun, but who she thinks is her boyfriend of seven months Micah. But this person seems different Micah never made her feel this alive, the reason she hadn’t slept with him yet, but Amun does. She tries to defend him and even cares for him even when she suspects he has been paired with a demon. Haidee has maintained her distance from relationships for centuries because she prefers it that way, every death is painful for her and when she comes back she is filled with hate. The only reason she was with Micah because she dreamed about him, he would bring her happiness and peace but he didn’t but Amun does and when she finds out who he is she thinks maybe he was the one I saw. She has no clue why she is re-born over and over and she doesn’t hate the demons she just wants revenge, demons killed her parents and then her husband on her wedding night and that night she remembers seeing the Lords, so her ire got re-directed there.

I like relationships with obstacles and this one was filled with it. Amun’s demons seems scared of Haidee, he doesn’t know why but it brings him peace. He recognizes who she is and knows he should kill her but can’t, not yet, he finds himself wanting her when he hasn’t for centuries. The angels tell him, he needs to journey with her to Hell to get the demons out of him and she agrees to go with him.

Gradually her memories comes out, how she was sold as a slave and bought by a man who cared for her and later married her and Amun sees her wedding night and realizes he was inadvertently the cause of her death, in trying to save her, he made the sword fall on her, so he feels guilty for all the pain he has caused, even the death of his friend. He tells Haidee he wasn’t the one who attacked her husband but Hunters led his friends to that room where she died the first time. Being with Haidee may mean giving up his friends but he is prepared to do that.

His feelings:

Guilt, fear and remorse. Guilt for having inadvertently helped to kill her that first time—she’d known that already. Fear that he would hurt her again—that had been a surprise—and remorse .

He still means to give her up when they go back to the real world for her because being with him would bring her scorn from the Hunters.
Haidee too grapples with guilt, guilt over what she has done over the years in the name of so called good. She sees the Lords are not all evil and wonder if she is.
She allowed her anger to justify doing anything for her mission, that doesn’t make it all okay. But somehow Secrets is scared of her ice and unwilling to let him see what sets her apart, but it happens when they make love (something Haidee had stopped because she wanted to end it with Micah) and something happens to her, somehow Haidee absorbs all his demons and makes secrets safe. She is able to expunge them all. And then they find out what sets her apart.

Themis Goddess of Justice wanted to create demon executioner, so she blessed her parents with the kid they wanted but said she would take her away on her tenth birthday, her parents came to love her and tried to run, so Themis ordered their death and hers. Hate came to kill her but somehow her ice made that demon lose a piece of himself which hid inside her, and was the reason she felt hate and people were unable to love her, so she has had a demon inside her all along. The reason she is born over and over is because she was born from a God’s womb.

Many other things happen in the book, we learn that William, Anya’s sex fiend friend, is related to Lucifer, can see the dead and created other creatures (Horseman etc), plus is grappling with Gilly, the seventeen year old human he is trying hard to stay away from. He sees Sienna and Cronus, which makes Paris want to go to heaven to find her.

Strider, man I want to see him taken down. He is so arrogant because of defeat, he meets Kaia , the Harpy, again, wants her but she has already slept with Paris so he doesn’t feel like competing plus her nature would always challenge Defeat something he doesn’t want. He does not like that Haidee and Amun have a thing but that is kind of because of his demon. Kaia seems to really have a thing for him, something deep.

I liked the ending, the whole love thing, well, Haidee coming back with it instead of hate. I loved their romance, the whole angsty bit, wanting to protect each other by letting each other go the acceptance of the fact that they loved each other and would do anything to be together, all perfect.