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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter SPOILERS AHEAD

My problem with this book was its length, there was way too much going on, so much so that I wanted the book to end already, I had enough of the drama. This is less of a review more of a recap, to serve a purpose for me, help me remember the developments because PNR series tend to get so complicated.

We know that Aeron the keeper of Wrath was chained by Reyes when he gave into bloodlust and was given a task by Cronus, kill Danika and her family. It was then that he met the female demon minion Legion and got her with him, treating her as his daughter, something for which he had always yearned for. Paris sacrificed Sienna to save Aeron and since then Aeron has been trying to cheer him up, finding females for him, something the sex demon needs. Honestly, I am tired of Paris’s whining already, all he does is be sad and drink.

When he brought Legion with him he broke heavenly law and Olivia formerly a joy giver angel and newly promoted Warrior was given the task of killing him, something she couldn’t bring herself to do, instead she observed him and toyed with the idea of falling so that she could experience fun, joy. Her mentor Lysander (of the Elite Seven and Bianka’s consort), warns her what would happen if she fell, she would be in hell at the mercy of demons and would lose her immortality but she still falls and when she meets Aeron she is hysterical, her mind filled with images of demons attacking and molesting her and her body bloody. Olivia comes across as very gentle at first, she has led a sheltered life but soon she does become a more stronger and confident person. She knows Aeron has only fourteen days to live, Lysander told her she can return to heaven or someone else will kill Aeron and she wants to experience life with him. At this point of time she doesn’t love him and even ponders on this and comes to the conclusion she won’t give up her life for him.

I had a hard time with Aeron, he wasn’t very nice at first to Olivia, even though he knew she fell for him, he is very confident that she could not have possibly killed him. He is someone quite isolated that wants to take care of friends and can’t comprehend how humans can enjoy their so short life, which he later himself experiences. He is happy taking care of Legion and Paris, he doesn’t need another person to care for but Olivia is not taking no for an answer and helping her is Camero and Kaia.

Other developments, a bunch of them find the Unspoken One’s who are butt ugly and know where the artifacts are and pit Galen and the others to see who will kill Cronus for them. Galen on the other hand is evil as ever, managing to find the invisibility cloak (which Olivia later steals from him), and putting the demon of Distrust into one of his female soldiers. More trouble for the Lords come in the form of Scarlet, another demon possessed Titan, who houses nightmares. They learned in earlier books that the imprisoned Titans were forced to house demons and Lysander tells them Cronus has Greed and his enemy wife Rhea, Strife. Rhea is the mother of Scarlet and working with Galen and also gives them poisoned water, used as bullets against the Lords.
Gideon is giddy to meet nightmare and Scarlet tells him she is his wife, their book is next so let’s see how that goes.

Legion, oh my god, I HATED her, she was so damn annoying. She loves Aeron and not as a daughter and when she tries to attack Olivia and is stopped she goes to hell where she meets Lucifer, where she does the most hateful think ever, make a deal with him. He will make her pretty and she has nine days to get Aeron in bed and if she fails Lucifer will possess her body (later she finds out he plans to kill the Lords).

I didn’t enjoy the romance as much, it felt one-sided will Olivia doing everything, she even gave up her honest voice for him and when Galen was torturing her refused to go back to heaven because she made a promise to Aeron to tell him goodbye.

Aeron’s demon loves Olivia and it takes him a while to give in to her, he wants her to go back and has been warned by Lysander, but when he completely falls for her he learns what Legion has done and has to help her even if it means sleeping with her.

Legion was so hateful and I loved it when Olivia told her what love really is, it is making the other person happy, even then she doesn’t let the others know Olivia has been taken and when she sees Aeron in agony realizes her folly and goes to kill Galen.

Aeron’s actions in the end kind of made me warm up to him a little, he died for Olivia, knowing full well he could not have betrayed her with Legion and that his death would make Lucifer’s pact void and give Olivia her wings back. Of course in the after life he meets Baden, who tells him that he allowed himself to be seduced by Haidee and killed because he was tired and Pandora is also there. He of course returns immortal but without his demon because of Olivia. His demon is in Sienna. In the end too everyone is ready to break Legion out of hell because after everything Olivia managed to bring pardon for her.

Too goody shoes heroine who sacrifice everything for a hero I am lukewarm too, doesn't work much for me. The book seemed never ending with too much crammed in.