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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter
Sabin, the one who led faction of Lords who continued to fight while the one's in Budapest didn't. His demon is doubt, one that cannot lie and has made him celibate since the women he had been with always fell prey to it and eleven years ago Darla, killed herself. She was a Hunter's wife, Stefano and he is still on their trail . He puts the war before everyone else, since he lost Baden(distrust), his best friend to it even if he has to use people. He had attacked Aeron which led to the split but now all the Lords are together, hoping to find the other two artifacts that would lead them to Pandora's box.

The war is heating up and a clue leads them to Egypt and a chamber where the Hunters have been doing vile things to immortals, raping the women and taking away their babies, to train them as immortal Hunters. That is where he finds Gwen. Gwen is a harpy but unlike her three kick-ass mercenary sisters, she is afraid of her Harpy, so she didn't escape. She has remained in captivity for a year watching other's being tortured since the Hunters hadn't figured out how to subdue her.

She doesn't trust Sabin at first, he wants to use her as a weapon in his war and admits to her he would do anything to win, lie, cheat etc
Gwen is full of insecurities, she isn't as strong and pretty as her sisters and her Harpy nature scares her so she has tried for normal, even moving away from home with her boyfriend. She is scared to call her sisters since she failed again and timid suits her. Sabin wants her but her insecurties are something his demon Doubt loves.

I loved seeing Gwen come on to her own because of Sabin. He started off training her as a weapon but later it was to protect her and when he found out he was her consort since he could soothe her Harpy, he was happy and for the first time going into battle was not the first priority for him. Harpy are a secret lot, weighing what they speak, cursed to eat food they have stolen or earned and vicious when the time calls for it. Their skin also glows if not hidden.

Paris is still mooning over Sienna though I don't see why. Aeron is being followed by an angel and that doesn't make Legion happy. William is still hanging around.

Gwen always thought her father was an angel and then comes the shocker.her father is Galen, leader of the Hunters, a demon, Sabin to protect her and also doubting her uses her confidence about her wings against her I liked seeing Sabin in a weak position wanting to do anythin to keep Gwen. In the end Gwen was unable to act against Galen but these two got past it.

I enjoyed the book but it took me a while to like Sabin.