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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Bride for Saint Nick - Carole Buck When I started did this book I didn't check that it was part of a series or that I had read the next book Resolved to Re-Marry(about Lucy Falco, who runs Gulliver Travels). John Gulliver is the owner of Gulliver Travels, the way he is the investor in many business's, working from the comfort of a computer screen. His life is lonely and he has scars, scars from the accident in which he had to give up the woman he loved but when he sees a post-card and the picture of Suzanne, who he loved, he has to break the promise he made five and a half years ago and go looking for her. He cannot contact the Justice Department the people he worked for or the Marshall's protecting he in the Witness Protection Program. He tells himself he only wants to see if she is happy.

Suzanne was 23 & a true innocent when she met the hero, he was 32 an FBI agent masquerading as Nick Marchland, a criminal though in reality he was trying to bring down a crime syndicate. He had an accident which his supervisors suspected was not one and he was badly injured, when he came to and asked about her his supervisors told him that she was told he was dead and put into the program. He wanted to go to her but his boss told him that she would be better off without him and he didn't want to drag her into the months that would take for him to recover and that if he loved her he would let her go, so pained, he did.

He did it because she had had enough suffering in life, she had been alone since 18 and even before that her parents had been reserved people so she had grown up shy and reserved with not too many friends.
She fell like a ton of bricks for the hero even though everyone told her he was criminal but somehow despite not knowing he was government agent John Gulliver, she was able too see through to the good man that lurked underneath.

Enough hints are dropped with her son's paternity for us to ascertain that she was assaulted and that is why she thought of abortion and giving up her baby, after all the man she loved had died and she had been violated and then forced to give up her identity and become Leigh, a book store owner and single mother with a curious boy and she has never had the courage to find out his paternity, no matter how much she tries to think he was Nicholas's. She is different from the woman she was before, wary and protective of her son. Six years ago she was violated and the next day learnt the man she loved was dead.

They were different people before, Nicholas Marchland a man who had to lie about everything and could not voice his love and she was Suzanne, a woman who was shy and had to be coaxed even when they made love.

When they meet again they fall for the new versions of themselves even though the old love is still there. Only the hero knows who he is and he gets to know the changed Leigh, trying to win her trust so that he can tell her who she is. I felt the confession was handled really well, Leigh needed some time to deal with all of it and she does and then tells John what happened. I loved it how he told her it didn't matter whose son Andy was, that he was his.In the end it turns out Andy is his as they have the same birth mark

I kind of deducted the stars because though I enjoyed the love story, I didn't like the creep villain's POV, it was truly gross and I didn't need it.