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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Angel For Hire (Harlequin Desire No 680) - Justine Davis I have always had a fondness for the different and this book fits that, it deals with an unsual setup that isn't really explained that well, the hero Michael is a helper of sort, inducted into working for people that want to do good, my understanding was Angels. The hero was human ages ago, who almost died and then got a chance to help people. He has helped people for ages and never gotten involved until Alex.

Alex was a good person, I mean truly good who had had a difficult life. She adored her older brother Andrew and was six when he went to Vietnam, she saw what happened to him when he came back, in a wheelchair, his depression, everything and tried to help him with a little girl's love and her brother got better and had a dream of opening up a refuge for people like him, who needed healing after the war and then her parents were killed and Andrew deteriorated, his zest for life gone, and he hung on for her, she at 15 became a caretaker for her brother, while trying to hang on to their farm and it was she who begged for mercy him. At 18 she was all alone only with a dream of fulfilling her brother's wishes and opened up that refuge.

Eight years later they are struggling to hang on, the repairs and finances and then there is the town people with their disapproval. Michael comes and helps with all that, the people on the farm are wary of him at the start, he is way too good-looking and their past makes them that way but he wins all of them over and even makes them integrate with the town people by showing them that they are only human and normal.

Plus he lets Alex live a little on her own for a little while, what confuses him that he falls in love with her when he was told that was something that couldn't happen. Alex falls for him as well but she isn't that confident about herself because for eight years she has been running herself ragged, trying to survive, everyone's little sister. I loved Michael's struggle with completing his mission while not getting involved with Alex. The rules made him it impossible for him to stay no matter how much he wanted to and I loved this delicious struggle and how they try to hoard time once they gave in.

Of course since it is a romance we get our HEA.