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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Night After Night - Janelle Denison I have had this book in my tbr for quite some time I just didn't get to it and now that I have I must admit it was a terrific read with not one but two love stories.

Sean the hero works for The Reliance Group(TRG) and as a bartender, his boss gave him a chance when Sean got out after serving eight months of a three year sentence. Sean was a con man it was something he learnt from his father but his arrest changed him, made him feel ashamed for the pain he had caused to the woman who was duped and also for disappointing his incarcerated father who wanted better for him. Sean's father was guilty of running a ponzi scheme but so was the heroine's dad, who was his dad's partner but Grant(Zoe's father) turned on his partner and got away. Now, Grant is the focus again, TRG has been hired to find the missing Grant, a project of his is stalled the money missing, so Sean is put on it, he has to friend Zoe to find her father.

Zoe is a upcoming designer and when she meets Sean he is helping her find a place for her boutique. There are instant sparks between them but Zoe is not one for casual sex and is still wary since her last relationship(her fiancee turned out to be two-timing her), plus she is in a very crucial junction of her career. Zoe's sidekick and best friend is Jessica, a famous singer, who she has known since high school.

Sean had scruples I must say, he didn't seduce Zoe instead tries his level best to not give in even when she learns the truth about him. He goes for casual sex because with his ex-con status he doesn't think any woman will go for him long-term plus he never had a role model, his father was in and out of their lives until his mother's death at 12, when he took him in but still lead a life of crime. Sean walked the straight and narrow but student loans and a meeting with his father's old friend, led him to act as an accessory, vouching for a guy who seduced a woman out of her savings. His past weighs heavily on him and he can't move past it.

Zoe is her daddy's girl and adores him, her mother is mercenary and self-absorbed, so when she finds out about Sean and TRG, she doesn't believe him but decides to work with them to search for her father. Soon, she finds out about her dad's past which makes him look so guilty and the evidence keeps piling up against him.
Sean too tells her about what he did, but she looks past it to who he is.

I liked Zoe and even Sean. The book gave us quite a twist at the endGrant was not guilty, his secretary & her partner were the ones stealing, he found out and moved the money, his secretary kidnapped him, he had changedwhen it came to the money.

I also loved Jessica's and Noah's story. They meet again after nine years, after Jessica abruptly cut contact with him, refusing his calls, letters etc They both were high school sweethearts with dreams of marrying and having children, Noah adored her and chased her, she was quiet and shy and he was the football captain, they soon got together and he was her first everything and knew about her mom and her emotional abuse.
He is very angry at first when he sees her and wants to know why, Jessica can't tell him, though she still feels the pull between them. Noah soon looks past the anger and wants her back, since he never forgot her and none of the women he dated were her. Jessica dated casually but never got intimate with anyone. When she did tell him whyher mother's boyfriend raped her and her mother instead threw her out, she became depressed and then weeks later had to go into the hospital not realizing she was pregnant, the bleeding made her unable to have any kids, her dreams of a family shattered she just cut Noah off., Noah just didn't care and wanted her.

I enjoyed both the love stories they were sexy and engaging.