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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Sweet Spot - Kate Angell I had several problems with this book, first the way it started, the heroine is dressed as Wonder Woman, scouting a club for her employer and the hero is dressed as Captain America, in tights, ughh. Then, suddenly in the club which is sexually charged these two dry hump each other in public, another negative point, the heroine runs away then leaving her lasso behind and the hero is determined to find her.

The hero is James "Law" Lawless, second baseman for the Richmond Rogues and the only heir to a huge hotel empire. He is well known for his charities and is a typical jock, loves women and doesn't want to commit. He meets the heroine Catherine again at the investment firm run by his friend Zen, where Catherine is a rising star. He doesn't know that they have met, though he is attracted to her and his rising tent pays homage to that. Again ughh, he is a grown man who can't control himself in public.

The heroine recognizes who he is and determined that he doesn't find out that she was Wonder Woman, they are poles apart, she is all about family while he is filthy rich and has lived his life in hotels with his grandfather. They spend time together for business when she learns about his rescue dog, love for comics and how the fact that he lost his parents on his eight birthday still hurts him. I found many things superfluous in the book, like there way too much description when James took Catherine to his place for business, he kept on describing each and every thing he did for charity and it didn't come across that well.

Then there is another story about the man-whore Brody, who left his small home-town behind seven years ago, doing his best to forget that place and his drunk father who blamed him for never making it to majors and Mary, the woman whose virginity he took and gave a ring to(in pity of some kind). When he sees Mary is in Richmond, he is angry and is quite hurtful with comments about how she should be back home and isn't fit for city life. Mary was kind of a ninny, she is shocked to hear that Brody has not been waiting for her and instead has quite the reputation with the ladies, she still loves him and wants to marry him, though she tries to take the offensive. Brody can't play well in his games which makes him angry and when Mary comes to the club he goes to play, he doesn't like it when someone else hits on her. Mary then just ups and leaves, reconciled to the fact that Brody won't marry her but he follows her and proclaims his love. I liked this story when I didn't want to, but I never felt Brody ever apologized to Mary for deceiving her, hell the woman waited for him for seven years and he came across as typical over-sexed athlete. Mary just fell into his arms.

I didn't like Catherine and James romance so much, they have sex one time, suddenly James wants to marry her and they are in love. Plus, their team is acquired by his grandfather and in the end we are given updates on all the previous couples, how now all of them want to knock up their wives.

I really liked the other books in the series, the writing felt really off in this one, plus there was a huge gap in the books because of publisher problems and my memory was fuzzy, I felt there was an attempt to over-sex the book.