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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Golden Illusion - Nancy Gray I wasn't sure I would like this book at the start, a political backdrop doesn't really work that well for me and the hero comes across as an arrogant guy who thinks the heroine is nothing but an empty air-head, so what if she is the daughter of a senator and grew up in the media eye and so what if she was married for eighteen years to a senator, that doesn't make her a candidate to be a senator but that is exactly what is suggested by another senator to Claire but she is a cool customer, who says she will think about it.

Claire came across as a martyr at first, her father used her for years to present the picture of a family man and then picked out a husband for her and she in her yearning to be loved by her father did exactly that and got married and lived the life they wanted, in a perfect house she hated, with a public persona she hated and when she found out about her husband's affair she left, but her father told her to not be a fool and that he would make sure she lost her daughter, so she stuck it out, but she is not happy, her daughter was a daddy's girl and doesn't seem to respect and care for her but Claire still yearns for her so agrees to run for the senate because it is something that would make her daughter happy.

Matt is to be her campaign manager and they have seen each other since they ran in the same circles but don't like each other. Matt thinks Claire is shallow and cold while Claire knows about his reputation with women so when they share a kiss in anger, Claire is surprised to find herself attracted to him, so is Matt and does his best to ignore it but can't and when one day he sees Claire breaks down he realizes how he has misjudged her and for the first time didn't see beyond her public persona. Claire is embarrassed the next day having revealed all about her father and marriage but Matt isn't about to let her go back.

I found myself liking both of them as the book went on, I felt really bad for Claire and wanted her to see that she was being played by her daughter but Claire so desperately loved her that she was willing to do anything to share some closeness with her. Matt was amazing, when he heard that Claire had always wanted to be normal, have kids, wear jeans, cut her hair, he gives her a taste of that life by taking her home to his farm and his family, not to seduce her but to just make her happy.

They both got in deep with each other and fell in love, making plans to get married and for Claire it took some time to believe that someone could love her and want to be with her. I also loved it when Matt told Claire that she had to open her eyes and stop behaving the way she always had, by trying to win the affection of her daughter. For me the moment when Claire realized how blind she had been and realized the truth about her daughter, was truly heart-breaking and after a lifetime of protecting her, she told her daughter the truth about her sainted father.

Ginna Gray writes excellent books and after a less than stellar start the book pulls you in. The characters in the book are also older, Claire is 39, Matt ,41 but still their romance is very sensual and tempestuous.