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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Midnight Rescue - Elle Kennedy I found this to be a promising start to a new military series, the premise is really good, a bunch of kick-ass female assassins run by Noelle, drop-dead gorgeous and totally cool and a bunch of mercs(all former military), run by filthy rich Jim Morgan, their team specializes in extraction.

The characters are all very interesting and the book moved really fast. Morgan's team is hired by Noelle to extract one of her own Abby. Morgan and Noelle don't seem to like each other but when Morgan hears that it is Jeremy's kid in danger he agrees to extract her.

The main story is about Abby and Kane. Kane is a former Navy SEAL who joined Morgan's team eight years ago, the pay was good with less strictures and now he enjoys the life and the bunch of people he works with.

The team...
Holden- The married tech guy.
Luke- the woman loving, laid-back Cajun
Derek "D" Pratt- the really scary dude, with a possible abused past as Abby.
Sullivan- The Australian guy who falls in and out of love easily.
Ethan- the youngest team member, ex-Marine, considers Morgan a father and really innocent.
Trevor- the team member with a death wish, grieving the loss of his fiancee who died a year before.
Sam- their pilot
Lloyd- the housekeeper and former Mob enforcer
Jim Morgan- the mysterious boss who is searching for someone..

When the book starts the heroine Abby is being tortured by her captors and though she may be in pain, she is not out and has an escape plan ready but somehow is not making use of, the same way she didn't assassinate her mark she could have easily killed.

Kane and his team rescue her when Abby has just ripped off a man eyeball, the reason he was trying to rape her and rape is something Abby will never submit to again, in her trade sex is a weapon she uses when she needs to, but she doesn't enjoy it or like it. For her sex is tainted and she never feels a thing.

She isn't happy about being rescued and makes that very clear, she blew her cover for a reason. Kane and his team don't understand her and follow orders and bring her to their compound. Abby is a true survivor and warrior and emotionally barricaded, she cannot trust people, she trusted two people in her life, Jeremy, her savior and adoptive father who taught her how to protect herself and her prostitute mother who let a seven year old Abby be raped by her boyfriend and didn't believe her daughter. Abby truly has a horrific past, betrayed by her mother and then the system, until at the age of 15 Jeremy saved her from her abusive foster father.

She has a hard time letting anyone in and plays things close to her chest but she has to tell her boss why she screwed up the mission. She did it to save a dozen teenagers who were to be sold as sex slaves and that is something Abby won't abide by, but her boss tells her she will think about it, so even though Abby is loath to do it she asks Kane for his help.

Kane ropes in his team, but not everyone is happy especially not D, who doesn't trust Abby, both of them recognize the damage in each other.
This book doesn't feature a sweet sugary romance and I didn't expect it to, Abby is a warrior, damaged and she doesn't understand what normal is and Kane doesn't want to settle down, but he still manages to show Abby a different part of herself, one that can let go of control and enjoy her sexuality. We don't get a quick fix to her trust issues, she doesn't tell Kane things sometimes like why she talks to that psychopath Devlin whose eye she ripped out, which annoys him but a lifetime of habits are hard to break. She opens up to him slowly and so does he by telling her about his high-school sweet-heart Emily and her insecurities and how Emily killed herself and his chances of being with someone. And the moment when she reflects back on her past and the things she had done for her mission and feels dirty, how Kane shows that she is beautiful, was also something I really liked.

To me the book was about team. Noelle's team of assassins are referred to Bailey, Paige, Juliet, Isabel. We only meet Isabel who joins the team and goes undercover with Trevor as a buyer. Isabel is former FBI and a mafia princess and a pro at disguises and she intrigued me and I am sure we will get to see her and Trevor together, after all by the end of the book she had made Trevor see that death wasn't what he wanted.

This is a terrific military romance novel and I really loved that even at the end Abby was kick-ass when spilling her guts and feelings to Kane. The next book can't come soon enough for me.