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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Edge of Survival - Toni Anderson The one book I read by this author, didn't work for me but my friends had rated her books higher so I decided to give Edge of Survival a read and I am glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do so much like reading about damaged and human characters and the hero Daniel fits the bill.

Daniel Fox, the hero is a pilot and has been in Canada for about twenty-three months ever since his career went down the drain and the disaster of his last mission with British SAS took root in his conscious plaguing him with nightmares, causing him to cut off contact with his best friend Maggie(he's a guy) and drowning himself in booze and meaningless sex. At the start of the book he continues with his destructive ways hooking up with Vikki, the assistant of Cam, our heroine the very first day but slowly he comes to see what he is doing and vows to lay off the booze and the sex and hold on to the job he likes.
He isn't a total douche, just lost, for years he served his country and then a reporter blew his cover and maligned his entire force in the press because his team came to rescue them and her husband got shot in the process(Daniel shot him), so he got out to let his team carry on.

Dr. Cameron Young has something to prove. She was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 14 and her parents went over-board trying to deal with it but she got used to it and its limitations. She knows the dangers and isn't reckless but her new job is something her mom isn't happy about. Her start isn't that great as she sees a dead-body of a young woman, who as it turns out was murdered.

Besides the two main characters, we get view points from the one's investigating the murder, the lead officer grappling with a failed marriage and other issues. We also get to read about Vikki and her self-esteem issues that make her sleep around and how at the end of the book she has got a handle on it and the creepy miners and the murderer.

Cam and Daniel don't like each other at first because Daniel goes out of his way to scare Cam and once he learns of her diabetes irritates her constantly with his questions about her food etc What I really liked was how these two slowly become friends though Daniel doesn't want friends, he is still in his dark place.

Cam is attracted to Daniel but she knows about his womanizing ways and the only two men she slept with were with whom she was engaged, but she still jumps in(after some hesitation) and knows that it won't go anywhere. Daniel is such a flawed character, that he cares for Cam is obvious, his concern for her that makes him want to not lose his job, the way he tries to find out about diabetes, everything but he starts running scared about how close she is getting to him and acts like a jerk, breaking it off and contemplating getting back to his old ways when he finally accepts what he has been running from, the fact that he has PTSD and needs help.

To me his journey was beautifully portrayed, his struggle after he lost the life and career he had loved and finally the acceptance that came in part due to his falling in love with Cam. I also loved how strong Cam was and so dedicated to the fact that diabetes wouldn't get in the way of her doing anything.

All in all I enjoyed the book quite a bit, the mystery part wasn't bad and I loved the journey of the characters.