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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
A Tangled Affair - Fiona Brand There were times I seriously wanted to harm the hero for the treatment of the heroine but the reason I am giving this book 4 stars is because it pulled me in, the way it was written, full of angst and drama.

The h/H met two years ago when their siblings were engaged and one night the anal type-A heroine gave up her virginity to the hero and became embroiled in a two year secret affair. Secret because the broken engagement between their siblings had hurt the heroine's sister and she did not want their relationship to come out, what she didn't know was that, that suited the hero, who five years before had been involved in a relationship with a woman he thought was kind of like the heroine and when that woman had aborted their child and informed him, their fight had sent her storming out and to her death, that weighed on him and kept him wary of passionate relationships, much like the one he shares with the heroine.

So, when their families are merging with their siblings engaged the hero does an unforgivable thing in my eyes to send her a message that it is over between them and that they won't be walking down the aisle, not that he at that point knows that the heroine has been in love with him for two years and has a stress ulcer condition. His move was also prompted by the fact that when they met two months ago she fell sick(ulcer) and the time he spent nursing her made him see how deep he was with her, so he backed off maintaining minimal contact with her.

One thing is made very clear at the start that these two had an open relationship and had dated others but only platonically and for appearances sake. So, when the heroine comes to him, he is with another woman, a designer of her company who she knows is only looking for marriage. I felt the hero was cruel, seriously he was and what he deserved was her walking out on him and I kept waiting for it, but even when he messes up, one apology from him, makes the heroine melt.

Instead of the date on his arms affecting her, he finds himself jealous of his own brother and they end up having unprotected sex, the next time he is so jealous of another man's interest in her and that he has her followed and then is photographed with her by the press, it is at this precise moment that is strikes him that she is his and that he will do anything to get her back whether she is pregnant or not is of not much relevance.

Of course the date was prop who he couldn't bring himself to kiss or touch but it was hurtful to her and she tells him that clearly. I found his arrogance astounding publicly saying that the h and him have been engaged for two years. We did see that he was not sure that she would say yes but still there was this belief she would and the realization that she loved him.

Another fact that bothered me so much was that he had ordered rings for his fake girlfriend, that he was so affected by the h that the thought of entering into marriage, it was the thought that was hurtful and when the h walked out on him, he so richly deserved it. I wanted so much of grovelling from him, I want a hero scared, scared of the fact that the h can survive without him but alas that didn't happen, but still the book was pretty compelling.