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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Having Adam's Baby - Christyne Butler I enjoyed this book quite a bit, Fay is the florist in Destiny and lost her husband eighteen months ago so she not only had to deal with grief but the fact that her marriage of fifteen years was filled with lies and that her husband left gambling debts and destroyed the family company. She needed to blame someone so she blamed Adam, her husband's best friend because she felt it was because of Adam her husband joined the airforce and died.

Now, she has just learnt that she is pregnant. She and Adam spent a night together two months ago when she went to him to vent out her anger and grief. The news shocks her since she always wanted kids but was told her chances of conceiving were less and her husband refused to get tested.

Adam also comes back home, this time for good, hoping to start a ranch. I loved meeting his family, the Murphy brothers were great and Adam is pleased to hear about the pregnancy and not aware of the financial trouble Fay went through.

To him the baby is precious since his ex-wife mis-carried a baby she never wanted and had every intention of getting an abortion but Adam blamed himself a little bit and is scared and excited. He likes Fay, always has since he met her in high-school but his best friend got to her first and when Scott joined the air-force they stopped being friends since she thought he put that idea in his head, when he didn't, he was busy dealing with the mess of his marriage.

We don't see too many glimpses into Adam's marriage but we do get the sense that Fay has not always had that much in the way of support, her parents and brothers were always patronizing, in-laws didn't like her and she and Scott had grown apart.

I liked how Fay is quick to acknowledge that Adam is not to blame for what happened and is not one of those prideful people who refuses help when it is needed, so when the doctor tells her to rest she moves in with him and even makes a move on him when despite kisses he stopped.

Adam allows her to make her own choices and his family just absorbs her. I liked the tenderness Adam showed her and how he was patient with Fay, realizing that she had been through a lot. The way he gifted her a truck and rationalized it to her was great and showed his concern.

And I also liked the interaction between Adam and his brother Dev. Dev ribs Adam about how he made a mess of proposing to her not once but twice. I found them falling for each other quite natural. I liked how Adam was not one of those macho men who refuse to admit they have a problem instead he went to seek help for the flashbacks he had been having.

A pretty good book and I can't wait for more Murphy brothers especially Dev.