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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
About That Night - Julie James Rating 3.5

I've been waiting for this story since last year because who doesn't love reading about a billionaire that looks like Sawyer from LOST and downed twitter when his girlfriend dumped him publicly? I say awesome setup and it was and Kyle was totally yummy.

Kyle and Rylann met nine years ago and had a connection and a date which never went anywhere because Kyle's mom died and Rylann became a lawyer and followed her career plan to the T. Kyle never did his PhD.D and went to work at his father's company, working and partying hard and he did make an effort to get serious relationship wise but it ended up with him getting drunk, shutting twitter and spending four months in jail and his twin Jordan bailing him out, so he is done trying to make a commitment and with one meeting should be free of the US Attorney office.

Rylann has just moved to Chicago and joined the AUSA's office. She broke up with her boyfriend of three years, six months ago when he decided to move to Rome and she refused to follow him since it didn't go with her plans. So, while Kyle is about spontaneity Rylann is all about her plans and her career and they meet again nine years later in the court-room and are thrown together again when Rylann's needs his help in a case related to prison going-on's.

I liked that Rylann maintained her professionalism and despite the sparks between them nothing happened till he was a witness in her case. If I had to grade this book it would be for Kyle only, he was funny, romantic and loyal to his family. He had accepted responsibility for what he did and made something out of it by following his heart and opening his own venture.

I was a little luke-worm about Rylann, she just seemed like one of those women with plans and she wanted to keep her and Kyle under wraps since they would be a source for gossip and she didn't want that to adversely affect her job and I got that, that her job was important and that Kyle moved at a faster pace than her but nobody likes being kept like a guilty secret and I loved that Kyle told her that and that she had to make a choice and decided if personal happiness too was important.

This book was way hotter than any other Julie James book but for me that is not a consideration and I felt while attempting to make the book sexy, maybe it wasn't that sexy and it was just trying way too hard to be, even now Just the Sexiest Man Alive remains a favorite of mine, the reasons being I could feel the sexual tension, in this book it wasn't that center-stage and I was supposed to be feeling it and I didn't.

As a contemporary romance this book is worth trying but I just felt as if a magical spark was missing.