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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
A Man Like Mac (Harlequin Superromance #911) - Fay Robinson I was glad to find this book at UBS but be warned this book is not for you if you are looking for fluff. Mac was the best hero ever, who gave up his dreams of running to raise his siblings at the age of 22 & then went into coaching where he met Keely who wanted to be a runner, he taught her for four years of college & had a thing for her, not that he did anything about it.

The book opens up with Keely in an accident & then months later when she is still trying to go against what the doctor said, that she won't be able to competitively run again. She knows one man who can help her, her old coach Mac so she goes to see him & then is shocked to find that he is a paraplegic. Her reaction to him at the start is to scream & in the start she can't look at him or his legs though she doesn't have a problem with any other men like that, later on when she confronts the issue head-on, realizes it is because she cares for him & is attracted to him as he is.

Mac got shot while trying to save someone & he went through rejection & a whole host of emotions before accepting his new reality & now he's happy with it since it is what he has. He helps Keely get comfortable around him & he agrees to coach her because he knows that she cannot run again & needs someone there when she accepts this.

Keely's whole life & identity was tied around being a runner, it was her salvage with her parent's crappy marriage & something that made her father proud. I really disliked her attitude towards her mother & the habit of looking at her father as a saint, when he falls from his pedestal & she looks beyond her memories she realizes how despicable she has been to her mother & I was glad that Mac told her off about this.

I also liked how Keely was sensitive to what Mac could do & not do about making love. They couldn't do it conventionally since he couldn't have an erection but still their love life was satisfying & I liked how they gradually progressed to this stage & how Keely shows him that she accepts him for who he is & even shouts at him when he questions his own worth(RE: his job).

Of course when she realizes that she cannot run again it is an emotional moment & she runs away, lost, not sure what to do but she does make it up to Mac. I liked the ending as well, how they mentioned her struggles to get pregnant.

You often read about books where heroine's have unrequited love in this case it is the hero & he is the best guy ever, sweet, sensitivem macho, a true package.

A pretty deep book.