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I love reading and as of now that is fiction only. Love all genres except horror and for the past few years, been gorging on romance. Thrillers are my first love and add some romance to it then all the more better.
Married By Accident  (Bravo Family, #4) - Christine Rimmer Rating 2.5
I actually couldn't get past the implausibility of the plot in this one and I could never really like the characters much, since they seemed one-dimensional.
The heroine is hit by the hero's truck, he's the helpful sort and has a pregnant woman in his truck who turns out to be his sister, he takes Melinda to her appointment and then they go to the hospital while his sister is in labour. The heroine too was due at the same date but she lost the baby so she feels a connection to the young Annie and keeps on going back to meet her even when Cole tells her not to.

See, Cole is trying to take his sister back home, the man, her husband actually she ran away with at seventeen, suddenly took off and he wants his sister to come home, to his worried father who had a stroke and he as a vet also has business to take care of.

The heroine is trying to figure out her life, she feels like a failure, both her sibilings are well settled, while she was involved with a man for five years who didn't want her baby and the jobs she is taking don't seem to be for her.

So, when Annie says she will go back home only when Melinda comes she agrees. This is where my problems began, I mean how do you just up & leave and then when they reach there, they begin a charade that the baby is Melinda's and they are married. I also found the sudden realtionship b/w Cole & Melinda weird, they hardly talked but ended up in bed and suddenly it is hearts & flowers? I had a hard time buying that. I dunno I felt the heroine was a deeply unhappy person and I came away from the book with kind of a drab feeling if that makes any sense.